Boss Babe Summer Bundles

Glazed Babe:
Shimmertint: Crystal Prism
Colourtint: Ava
Coloursnap: Vibe

Glaze on the glow with this bundle! A swipe of Ava and Vibe give the prettiest pinch of color for your summer days (and nights out)! Don't forget to blind the haters with our brightest Shimmertint yet- Crystal Prism! #GlazedBabe

Beaming Babe: 
Shimmertint: Yellow Diamond
Colourtint: Maya
Coloursnap: Waves

Beam on with this bundle! Maya and Waves are the ultimate warm tones that flatter any beach lovin' Boss Babe! Add a touch of Yellow Diamond for that subtle lit from within effect! #BeamingBabe

Flushed Babe:
Shimmertint: Rose Quartz
Colourtint: Bella
Coloursnap: Babe

Cop the coveted drunk blush look with the Flushed bundle! Layer on the color with Bella and Babe for a fresh pop of rose, and top off with Rose Quartz for a pretty gold shift effect! #FlushedBabe

Sunkissed Babe:
Shimmertint: Tiger's Eye
Colourtint: Luna
Coloursnap: Mood

Kissed by the gods or kissed by the sun? Who knows, but our Sunkissed bundle is where it's at for the Babes who bronze! Luna and Mood flatter gorgeous tans and Tiger's Eye is your bet for an illuminating glow! #SunkissedBabe

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Boss Babe Summer Bundles